Thursday, November 27, 2014

Winter time decorations

Christmas is coming and in a few weeks time I'll be participating in a Christmas Fair. I'm looking forward to it and I'm working hard to prepare for this event.

Of course I'll sell knitwear, but I decided to offer a wider range of items matching the winter theme. I've been sewing bags and cushion covers mixing felted blankets and other fabrics.

With the many bits and pieces that were left I made these cosy little hangers. They look nice on a doorknob or you can hang a number of them in a branch. Inside the house of course.

Would you like to make some too? Here's the PDF with the templates of the figures I made. Enjoy! And send me a link to your work if you like :)

Friday, October 17, 2014

If only I had gone to art school

The title immediately appealed to me: If only I had gone to art school... I wouldn't have needed to buy this book. Written by art teacher Marjolein van der Stoep and published this year.

I have always had this fascination with people who went to 'the academy' as they call it themselves. What have they learned to make them real artists, I wondered.

Reading this book feels like getting the answers. It tells about art and creativity, about perseverance and taste, about visual means and the creative proces.

And what's more: it's beautifully designed and well illustrated, it gives theory and exercises to practice and, small detail but I like it, it is ring bound which makes it easy to open and fold.

People are creative by nature, but they tend to forget when they grow up, according to the author. Often this little guy pops out of the page addressing the reader directly with tips and encouragement.

Here's one last picture, because I like the book so much. I hope you do too.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Another leather project

With another piece of leather I made a sleeve for the papers that I have to carry when driving my car. Again it's from an upholstery sample - this time with different stitchings as a showpiece.

At JLLeatherSupplies on Etsy I found a strap of leather in the color of one of the yarns to tie around and close the sleeve.

With what was left of the strap I had enough to make a double leather bracelet for myself.

Quite nice. If I may say so :)

Monday, September 1, 2014

For a birthday bulldog kind of guy

With hardly any obligations and a few birthdays coming up I have spent a great crafty weekend. I won't show everything I made now, but I do want to share this little coin purse.

I recently bought the softies pattern book Knuffels om te naaien (originally Doudous a coudre by the French magazine Marie Claire Idéees) and we already had fun making softies from it.

My cousin who's having his birthday soon is a real bulldog kind of guy. He already made the softie, but I couldn't think of any other animal that suits him better. To give him some money as a present I turned the head into this wallet.

I love the book and making this coin purse was really good fun.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Sewing with leather

Ever since I have my sewing machine I've been wanting to try to sew with leather. When I got hold of a leather sample for furniture upholstery, I finally did. After 31 years :)

It was a little piece just enough for this pencil pouch. In stead of using pins I glued, let it dry and then sewed it together. It worked out well and I'm really proud and fond of it.

With the remains I cut and glued a little bracelet with a popper button. Too small for me unfortunately - I love the color.

My daughter loves it. It's sturdy and soft at the same time and looking good.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Royal encounter with Dutch design

'Royal Showpieces, a royal encounter with Dutch design’ is one of the current exhibitions at royal palace Paleis Het Loo in Apeldoorn. In five historic interiors the taste of past royals is shown next to contemporary Dutch design.

The palace itself is amazing. It´s so large, with many large and small rooms all decorated with beautiful items. Look at the texture of the fabric of this canopy bed for example.

Below you see two dresses by Dutch fashion designer Jan Taminiau. The one in the front has an endless amount of tiny grey beads and was worn by queen Máxima.

Amongst all the grandeur we enjoyed the many beautiful, large arrangements of fresh flowers. After visiting the exhibition and another one on 'Grace Kelly, princess & style icon' we strolled through the palace gardens and park.

It was a lovely day.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Garden miracle

This is a sidestep from crafting and apart from planting a seed there's nothing handmade about it, but I want to share my beautiful artichoke with you.

I've never tasted fresh artichoke yet and I was planning to cook and eat it, but how can I do that to something so beautiful.

I may let the large one bloom and try the small one in the kitchen...

I'll think about it. First I want to enjoy the colors and growth.